Landgoed Nooren offers a variety of services to make your stay exactly as you wish.

Manon Nooren is Hospitality & Event Manager at Landgoed Nooren. With an eye for detail and a commitment to perfection, she relieves you of any additional wishes and needs surrounding your presence at our estate.

Think, for example, of providing a delicious breakfast, catering service throughout the day, or a chef for dinner. But also possibly arranging transportation, booking a restaurant, or organizing a fun and relaxing activity in the nearby area.

Our goal is to take care of your presence at Landgoed Nooren down to the last detail and make every moment with us unforgettable. With our customized services, we ensure that you can fully focus on your presence, your guests, or your activity at our location. We are happy to discuss the possibilities for your business meeting, management meeting, team building, event, or wedding.

Your stay taken care of and arranged down to the last detail.

Want to complete your booking with our services? We are happy to discuss the possibilities.

During your stay at Landgoed Nooren, you naturally want everything to be as well arranged as possible. Bookings at our location are usually valuable moments, whether it is a business or private event. You want to make the most of your time on our estate in the best and most qualitative way. Completely tailored to your wishes and needs, we provide a suitable arrangement with our services. We know the right parties and are happy to bring them together, ensuring your stay at our estate is a special and unforgettable experience.

Some examples of our services are:

  • A well-prepared breakfast, lunch, or dinner on location
  • Drinks and possibly snacks throughout the day
  • A relaxing activity at our estate, such as live cooking, BBQ, or a wine tasting
  • A nice activity in the region, around our coast and beach
  • Booking a restaurant in the nearby area
  • Providing bicycles or other ways of transportation
  • Taxi service to and from our estate